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So my next IWTBAA exercise focuses on eye blinks, unfortunately as Chiara states the lesson itself is incomplete, as in there’s no accompanying ‘tips’ video to take you through the lesson, never mind, I have no doubt Chiara’s a very busy person, check out some of her latest work on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle!

Anyway, I figured I’d press ahead and wing it. The lesson calls for the use of the following blinks; regular blink, fast blink, half blink, slow blink, offset blink. For this exercise, I decided to try out the Bunny Eater rig created by Truong CG Artist:

Unfortunately with this exercise, I think I got carried away with everything but the blinking, I mean, they’re there but clearly not the focus of this animation. In hindsight, I should have focused on blinking animation only and go in depth with it, perhaps taking cues from this master class.

I’ve never considered the concept of half blinks before, where it’s a blink but only half covering the eye, such a subtle observation I’ve never taken into account – so that’s something new to me, love it. I think it’ll take me time to figure out the appropriate places for a half blink. Bunny Eater does a half blink after the first head shake.

I urge you check out the original Big Bad Bunny Eater concept, so funny. Would love to see a more capable animator than myself, make a entertaining short of ‘a day in the life of Bunny Eater’ 🙂

Bunny Eater rig created by Truong CG Artist

Original Bunny Eater concept by Bobby Chiu

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