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First of all – Happy New Year!

As the title suggests, I’m going back to basics, because why not. Metaphorically, I see this as an opportunity to read the actual instruction manuals when I never did in the first place, I might learn something new that I never picked up on before.

I’ve decided to coincide this back to basics venture with the ‘I want to be an…Animator’ animation exercises, a site started and maintained by Chiara Porri. As it turns out, her first beginner exercise is the classic ‘Bouncing Ball‘, something I mentioned I’ll look into not too long ago. Now’s that time and here’s the result:

I ended up animating not just one, but various balls with a little interaction between them. There are a few good ball rigs out there which are free, I went with Ball Rig 7. This particular rig provided that little bit more control over the ball, but what sold me was the procedural motion options, which I’ve yet to use!

My biggest take away going through the bouncing ball exercise, is the approach to each bounce coming off the floor. Usually when I create bounce motions, my subject is slower coming off the floor in comparison to Chiara’s. By following Chiara’s methods shown in her video link, my bounce motions ended up looking much more livelier and dynamic, yielding a better result.

I believe my original method stems from thinking about it from a physics perspective, but a little too much. It’s been fun so I’m looking forward to the next exercise.

Ball Rig 7 created by Yolanda Afán Asencio

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